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Our Club

Stone Bridge Members are a group of like-minded individuals  who gather together to enjoy both carriage driving and social events. We host clinics, lessons, Horse Driving Trials and a Combined Driving Event (currently the only CDE in Alberta).

Founded as a nonprofit Society in 2005, Stone Bridge has each year hosted fun, safe and challanging horse driving events. Over the years we have had clinicians and judges from the USA (Muffy Seaton, Jane Anne Merritt, Penny Nicely Sarah Schmitt, Sterling Grabern, Bill Lower), Europe (Ewood Boom, Anne Okema) and Canada (Francois Bergeron, Doug Orr, Lorraine Hill, Ellen Hockley).

From our Horse Driving Trials, (The Wild Rose Classic) in July and the Eagle Ridge CDE in August, to pleasure drives, derby’s, fun events and barbeques, there is always something to interest everyone, young or not so young!

Meet the 2018 Board of Directors

Lynn Johnson


An active horse show enthusist who has won about every award ever created in Western, English and Driving. She loves to help people get started and is always there to help.

Jeff Orton

Past President

An active driver for many years who loves to participate in events, the preparation for events and ….. Calgary Stampede events with his beautiful pair of gurrula horses.

Kees Muilwijk

Vice President

Kees along with his wife Annie raise, train and compete with their multitude of Freisen horses. He loves to build things and helped with many construction projects for the club. They have recently completed a 100 x 300 indoor arena where they have hosted numerous clinics and driving derby’s.

Leanne McLean


A professional Race Horse Trainer for many years, Leanne has made the transition to competetive driving. Always there to help with bumps and bruises and keep the scoring up to date. She is a super show secretary and is always a threat with her Hackney Pony mare.

Judy Orr


Judy was also a successful Race Horse Trainer along with a multitude of other diciplines. Like Lynn, she has won about every award that was ever created. Although always an Arabian fan, she has driven everything from a miniature four up to drafts.

John Vandenberg


A fierce competitor who always weats a big smile, John is always out to win and often does. He  emensely enjoys competing and is always there to help out. John and his wife Rena enjoy raising and training horses and ——- he can build a carriage!!

Jody Saarela


Jody has been in the horse world for many many years… She now drives a beautiful Welsh B pony and is always there to help and treat us to her infectious smile.

Jay Mills


Jay drives a big… pair of Belgian crossed horses and has also started to drive a small… pony (really a mini). Always enjoys getting out to drive and help out.

Stacy Schraber


Stacy drives on a regular basis and loves to compete. She raises and trains Welsh B poneis with a long term goal of getting them the Toronto Royal Winter Fair.

Lea Kroll


Lee goes back forever in the world of horse shows. Together with her husband Rick (the famous photographer), she raises and trains both Arabians and Welsh Ponies but  is currently driving a spectacular Gypsy Pony. Always a happy face and there to help.